Lines of activity

Industrialized construction :

– ready-built houses, sustainable and economical, for family housing
– social buildings : schools, dispensaries, bush hospitals, libraries, churches, civic centers

Public utilities :

– electricity production : sun, wind, hydro, biomass; generator sets
– water treatment : potabilization, desalination; waste water treatment

Public utilities :

– fogging systems for industrial uses (airconditioning and odour control), (artificial fogs), cultural events and celebrations (with or without light-playing)

Bio sector :

– fishing and fish farming; agriculture and cattle breeding, certified seeds
– agro-industries :

° milk and dairy products

° natural drinks : juice extraction, treatment, bottling



°meat, fruit and vegetable canneries

°sugar, confectionery, chocolate

°vegetal oils

– hygiene :

°soap, perfume and cosmetic factories

°sanitary tissues : handkerchiefs, diapers, ladies periodic protections, toilet paper

Medias :

– printing shops and graphic studios
– papermills
– radio & television studios : control rooms and broadcasting

Automotive sector :

– personal cars
– professional vehicles : civil work machines and vehicles, road transport vehicles, special handling machines
– tools & equipments for vehicle repair shops and filling stations

Medical sector :

– private practice equipments
– laboratory and hospital equipments

Miscellaneous :

– tools and equipments for various  workshops : electricity, electronics, woodcraft, plumbing, masonry, painting, etc.
– basic technical schooling : construction jobs : masonry, electricity, plumbing, etc.
– liaison bureau in Brussels for African SME’s : we are your European office and address; possibilities of bank account facilities